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Detecting the profile off the beaten track

As a pioneer in international organisational benchmarking, we are able to analyse the levers that ensure a company's success. We have therefore developed a particular acuity to find the personality, the rare profile, in correspondence with the DNA of your organisation. This search for talent aims to inject a new dynamic.

Our added values

  • 15 years of outstanding international experience

  • osmosis with your ecosystem

  • concrete and personalised solutions

  • creativity for enriched recommendations

  • agility for the movement of employees

  • knowledge of emerging countries

  • intercultural experiences through various expatriations

Views of international experts

We are all senior consultants with responsible careers in international executive search firms with the best practices. These combined experiences acquired in various sectors and in the service of companies or organisations of various sizes at the international level will guarantee you relevant and efficient knowledge.

Successful integration: we ensure this

This collaborator will have already solved challenges in line with yours -- to see together further and higher according to your company's development cycle. Beyond the know-how, our qualities are the charisma, the adaptability, the mastery of modern management and all the agility necessary. For several months, we interact with you and the employee to support your journey.

International deployment

We work with a global network of consultants who have the same values as ours, including those in emerging countries where we have been a long-standing partner. We are in constant international development.

As fully invested partners, we become co-creators of the sustainable development of your talent management policy.

GIES, an original and enriched approach



Successful adaptation from one sector to another

High-end artistic creation and industry

Reading through a CV and an interview to find the real strengths of a candidate opens up a potential that can be expressed from one sector to another.

An experienced profile in the world of luxury, such as champagne, where an artistic director has succeeded in the industry.

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