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Trusted advisor

In a constantly adapting approach, we have long sought to integrate “big data”, artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are essential for effective collaboration.


Keystone: an authentic dialogue where the human is the grid of interpretation

We closely monitor management research to decipher what will be essential in the future. Talent management is essential for harmonious growth that is capable of meeting the ever-increasing number of challenges. Our expertise covers both the organisation and the optimisation of skills. We are involved in a wide range of functions. By actively listening to your request, we "feed" it with our experience. Candidates who are in different sectors may have the ideal potential. We then accompany you for a totally successful transfer of skills.

It is our ability to imagine.

Analysis beyond 5 years: at the heart of our dynamic

Spécialiste dans le recrutement de cadres supérieurs, hauts dirigeants, dirigeants, membres de conseils d’administration, notre équipe expérimentée et complémentaire associe connaissance de l’entreprise et vision long-terme. Cette spécialisation nous permet également d'anticiper ensemble le renouvellement des organisations. Votre candidat, ce talent, sera porteur d'une vision nouvelle et forte.


Diversity: an operational approach

Aware, like you, that diversity is a factor of balance, we include it in our long lists. It has a significant impact on efficiency.

 We can claim to be “state of the art”. We have a high success rate for all senior management and executive positions.


GIES, the advisory that knows your universe and your needs







Executive Positions: 

  • CEO/President

  • Board member

  • Managing Director

  • General Secretary

  • Country Manager/CEO

Functions: a large array

  • Operations

  • International

  • Subsidiary

  • R&D

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Commercial

  • Supply Chain, procurement

  • Quality of Work Life, environment

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Stratégy

  • QHS

  • Cyber security

  • Digital

  • Safety & Security

  • Production



    55 % of our projects are for opportunities based outside of France


Successful adaptation from one sector to another

High-end artistic creation and industry

Reading through a CV and an interview to find the real strengths of a candidate opens up a potential that can be expressed from one sector to another.

An experienced profile in the world of luxury, such as champagne, where an artistic director has succeeded in the industry.

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