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Our clients

  • CAC 40, FTSE 100, NASQAD, NYSE and DAX

  • institutions

  • international organisations

  • international small and medium enterprises, public, private and family

  • owned

  • start-ups

  • professional bodies

  • public companies


Proven methodology

Beyond the reading of CVs and social networks, we know how to rely on start-ups that decipher large amounts of data or that know how to use artificial intelligence to your advantage. It is a question of using the latest technologies with a fine control and adapting to the "field" needs.


Our transversal and global analysis offers you new choices, real generators of performance and sustainable energy. International is our daily business, representing more than half of our missions.

Loyalty, proof of success and source of innovation

The loyalty of our clients in executive search as well as in consulting or organisational benchmarking proves the relevance of our actions. The candidates recruited also show their satisfaction and regularly trust us for assignments.

Knowing you to be a source of innovation because collaboration is all the more profound and richer for it. The link does not end and we know how to maintain it to bring you suggestions, analyses that help you to evolve better, faster. Our exchange is then optimal.


Strategy for success

  • to conduct methodical and rigorous research with creativity, on complementary channels, including an extensive network

  • to monitor each step of the recruitment process

  • to respect your deadlines

  • to master a wide range of subjects related to human resources, finance, management

  • to remain available when the candidate is integrated in the medium term


Major international missions

Russia:  structuring and budgeting of the Russian subsidiary of a French group ex-nihilo, followed by recruitment of all employees

Middle East: HR leaders' research program in different Middle East countries

Germany: recruitment of all marketing teams, then follow-up and renewal for several years for the subsidiary of a world leader in a consumer product category

South Africa: recruitment of the Africa and Middle East regional President and SVP for a US global industrial leader and development of teams in South Africa and Dubai

Hong Kong: search for President of the Asian organisation of a Swiss group in men's fashion

Singapore: assistance with the international deployment of a European leader in women's fashion and recruitment of the region's President


We owe you excellence !

 GIES, innovation for performance






Executive Positions: 

  • CEO/President

  • Board member

  • Managing Director

  • General Secretary

  • Country Manager/CEO

Functions: a large array

  • Operations

  • International

  • Subsidiary

  • R&D

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Commercial

  • Supply Chain, procurement

  • Quality of Work Life, environment

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Stratégy

  • QHS

  • Cyber security

  • Digital

  • Safety & Security

  • Production



    55 % of our projects are for opportunities based outside of France


Successful adaptation from one sector to another

High-end artistic creation and industry

Reading through a CV and an interview to find the real strengths of a candidate opens up a potential that can be expressed from one sector to another.

An experienced profile in the world of luxury, such as champagne, where an artistic director has succeeded in the industry.

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